Feb 252015

Do you need help writing a grant funding application?  Do need access to a reliable ‘Directory Of Grant Giving Trusts & Foundations’  

Perhaps you just need an independent review of your application form before submission.

Through our training courses, delivered monthly, we can help you learn how to  develop your  projects for funding,  write up an effective funding application through grant applications  or project proposal writing, source potential partners and conduct due diligence, develop your financial management capacity for funding and  response to a ‘Call For Proposal’.  Your organisation may well be suited to deliver a programme but lacks the expertise in applying for the funds successfully. We have Consultants who can assist you and you can contact us for more information about our training events.


About Our Directory Of Grants Making Trusts & Foundations  UK  (over 2500  organisations) and USA (over 40000 organisations)

Our directory of UK Grant Making Trusts & Foundations has over 2500 organisations that you can start building your fundraising capacity with today. As a small charity, you need funding tools to help you raise the much needed funds for your organisations with minimal subscription and access to ongoing training. Our USA  Directory Of Charitable Trusts & Foundations contains over 40000 organisations and over 20000 of these organisations are private firms that you can reach out to for funding.

If you are interesting in a one day trial of our ‘Directories Of Grant Making Trusts & Foundations’ use the ‘Contact Us Form’ below to request a login to our portal.




Please contact us now for more details.