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We are experts at our field and we add value to our clients’ work

We work with you to understand your business ideas or business mission, and then help you formulate a clear business strategy for competitive advantage in your target market or target industry.

This involves, researching the macro and micro environment of your business operations, as well as understanding the competition strengths and weaknesses in your industry in order to develop a marketing mix strategy that will offer your business a unique value preposition.

We do not use templates. We are professionals who work with clients to develop strategies for your specific business need. Whilst templates have their values in any situation, they cannot be used as a replacement to understanding your unique business preposition and how it sit in the macro and micro environment of your business.

This is why we offer our clients a tailored service and ensure that their needs are met fully within the scope of our engagement.

As part of our services, we offer financial projections, marketing strategies and marketing plans to support your business plan documentation. You will find funding institutions require all four documents to make their investment decisions. Working with us will save you tremendous about of time and money as you will obtain all the necessary information you need to become investment ready.

We understand how your funding application is appraised. We use the same tool to assess your business plans fitness for funding and help you gain strong competitive advantage in the funding marketplace.

Typical Contents Of Our Business Plans

  • Executive summary
  • Description of the business
  • What finance is required and for what
  • Vision and mission statement
  • Target market  analysis and  position
  • Products and pricing strategies
  • Analysis of resources – human, finance, land and intangibles
  • Analysis of external environment (PEST Analysis & Porters 5 forces)
  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive marketing strategies covering the seven marketing mix
  • Sales strategies
  • Milestones and timeline line
  • Risk analysis and management  systems
  • Financial forecasts-  profit and loss , cash-flow and balance sheet
  • Financial appraisal results

As part of our business plan writing services we can offer clients who do not want us to produce a complete business plan for them the following:

  • Financial planning & forecasts services
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing plan
  • Business Plan coaching

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