Business Plan & Grant / Proposal Writing Review


Have a business plan but not sure if it is “Investor Ready”? Have  a proposal or grant application but not sure if you have articulated your project and funding needs accurately?

We offer our clients a professional Business Plan, Grant and  Proposal Writing  Review Services.  We will review your strategy and stress test  your business plan, grant application and proposal writing to determine whether you have carefully devised a competitive marketing strategy to accomplish your business goals.

We will review each section of your document  to ensure it offers funders and investors sufficient technical and marketing  information and with reliable supporting evidence to give  them  confidence to fund your organisation.

We are experts in appraising business plans and grant applications  and we will use our technical expertise to stress test your financial projections to identify potential risks to funders and offer you recommendations for addressing them before approaching funders.

We strongly recommend you access this service to avoid potential disappointment. We will analyse  your financials and use appropriate  tools such as sensitivity analysis, pay back periods, internal rate of returns and net present value  etc ,  and offer you an invaluable  feedback  via a well written report with recommendations for improvement.

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