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Fast-Track Your Funding Application &  Business Plan Preparation  

BSS  Management Consultancy has an extensive background in helping businesses to raise funding for growth. The company is a  specialist provider of  strategic business plans including but not limited to, development of business strategies, competitive marketing strategies, marketing plans and financial forecasts . We have helped many businesses successfully raise funding as well as improve sales revenue/ income through our  business support solutions for growth. We work with organisations from the private, not for profit and public sector.

Since 2006, we have helped hundreds of businesses learn  how to produce a business plan to attract funding successfully for  debt finance, equity finance and grant finance. Many of them have successfully raised funding using our database in our portal, which links them directly to a network of lenders, private investors and grant funding organisations. Our “Directory Of Grant Giving Trusts & Foundations” holds over 2500 organisations registered  in the UK and 40,000 plus organisations registered in the USA . Many of these foundations and trusts  give grants to organisations registered in countries outside the USA & UK.

Our services include:

  • Business plan writing
  • Grants application writing
  • Project proposal writing
  • Financial planning, analysis and evaluation
  • Marketing strategies and planning
  • Business plan reviews  with invaluable feedback for improvement
  • Business plan support solution with a monthly or yearly payment fee
  • Funding/ proposal  application reviews
  • Business plan coaching and training services

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The workshop contents will help to write a successful application ad proposals. It helps me clarify what kind of business plan is required for different projects.

~ Maria Mesa Company – Women Connect First ~ website –

Thanks a lot for assisting Afab Star International with your business planning services. We have just been awarded grants by Lewisham Local Authority to further our refurbishment work as well as a loan from Santander Bank.

~Michael Meme- Business Owner ~ Afab Star International

 I have been trying to raise finance over the last seven years with no success. After my initial meeting with BSS Management Consultancy, I was still apprehensive but decided to give it ago. Well, to cut long story short, within two months, I got a solid business plan put together by BSS for me. My business plan was submitted to a panel of decision makers by month three. I was pleasantly surprise when my application for funding was approved to help me improve my existing business and start expand into a new building site. I want to take this opportunity to thank BSS for supporting my business to raise finance.

~ Audrey Denise ~ Business Owner and Manager ~ Early Start and Late Finish Day Care Nursery

Sheila provided excellent business advice and support services on a call-off contract basis for our clients to diversify and grow their business. Specialising in providing one to one mentoring for access to finance through use of business planning, investment option appraisals, and effective and practical support towards successfully securing funding with banks and other finance/funding providers such as Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund.
Our clients came from across the business community including all sectors, micro enterprises, medium-sized businesses, minority group owners, life-style and fast growth organisations.
You will be a real asset to any programme or organisation that commission your services.

~ Karen Fiagbe ~ Project Manager ~ Croydon Business Ltd

East London Business Place has commissioned Sheila Elliott of BSS Management Consultancy to provide workshops and one to one consultancy for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on a range of topics including business and financial planning, business growth and sales and marketing.  She provides good, lively, interactive sessions, knows her subjects and delivers clearly and convincingly.  Feedback from beneficiaries has always been positive. 

~ Gay Harrington ~ Director ~ East London Business Place

I am grateful for feedback and appreciation for what you have helped me to achieve in short period of time. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation to keep going forward.
Your biggest fan.

~ Victoria Sharman ~ V2Recovery


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